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So this summer I managed to make one of my nerd dreams come true: go to San Diego Comic-Con.

I expected some great things of this convention, but it blew my expectations out of the water. It had great panels, I went to 12 in 3 days. Had to wait for hours to get into the panel rooms, but it was all worth it in the end. I saw the Big Bang Theory writers, watched the first episode of season 2 of Legend of Korra, and the entire first episode of Agents of SHIELD. I also got to see the Doctor Who panel, and Community panel after camping out in line overnight. That's right! I did it!

The convention was very organized, I never had to wait more than 2 minutes to get anywhere in a line(except panels). The exhibition hall had merchandise for every sort of fan, and of course, comic-con exclusives. There was a sea of people, but everyone was polite and there as no pushing, in fact the people was what I was most impressed with. The staff was courteous, they were polite even when they caught us breaking some rules...  At the end of a long line to get into panels in Ballroom 20 and Hall H, they gave us high fives and genuinely congratulated us on getting into the hall. I don't know if they were truly impressed with us, or just felt pity, either way, they made everyone feel that much happier after hours of standing in line. Other attendees were the best part. In line, everyone was up for a good conversation, and in our overnight line, like in the spirits of Catan, people started sharing resources. Everyone was sharing and caring for each other. The people around us offered to save our places in line if we had to step out to get things, we offered them blankets when they got cold, and everyone was sharing snacks and good company. Around the con, small courtesies really went a long way. People always ducked out of your way when you want to take a photo, if you drop something someone always picked it up and ran after you to return it. I have not had a single negative people experience there. I have never found another event as happy as SDCC.

The photos from the rest of my trip away from SDCC are up... I didn't take many photos at the convention because I went to so many panels and I was really just enjoying the atmosphere and the convention experiences that I didn't take many good photos, just photos for shenanigans and reference purposes, those photos will be on my facebook page soon. Until then, enjoy the photos of the beautiful California!


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Hi, I'm Jess.

This account is to showcase my photography (when I am not too lazy to finish the pictures...). I like to tell stories with my photography. My goal is when you look at each of my pictures, it should inspire/tempt you to create a little story behind the characters in it. So feel free to post up your little story if it comes to you as you look at my photos! Please check back periodically for new updates and photos! Critiques welcome!

But my hobbies are pretty much described in my favorite tv shows: sci-fi, fantasy, occasional sitcoms. I also cosplay. I also like musicals and showtunes and singing and playing music. I also like knitting. (i'm a grandma trapped in a younger body though sometimes my joints disagree with the younger body part...) My cosplays can be seen... elsewhere on the internet... (to tell the truth, other than LCP i don't know where else...)

I am based in the GTA area in Ontario. If anyone would like to connect with me I now have a twitter account (which I am in the process of figuring out...) my twitter ID is: Iggy500

To see my cosplays and other random things:

Hope you enjoy my page!

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